fresh face.

psst. I need your help.

last week I had the pleasure of teaming up with photographer Dennis Jones for Dance Life Insider’s first photoshoot, and I have to say…it was a blast! 

but I have to admit, I was nervous at first. performing on a stage – where I am most comfortable – is slightly different than being the sole focus in front of a camera. however my nerves were quickly calmed with Dennis and his awesome team’s kind words and pop music rocking during the shoot.

check out a couple of our favorite shots. here is where we need your help.

we can’t seem to pick our DL Insider look. help us choose the official image that will be used this year. click the photos for the full image, like our post below and comment which is your favorite shot!

we took over 500 shots and I have to say Dennis is a beast with his camera! as you travel to various dance festivals and congresses this year, be sure to say hey to him and get him to take a beautiful shot of you.

find Dennis on Facebook and follow his photography page.

and of course…please follow Dance Life Insider on Instagram and Facebook. thanks again yall. can’t wait to see the winner.

  • Muah.

8 thoughts on “fresh face.

  1. Jacques Carr says:

    the chair is a fave but that back bend gives me life! Definitely gives me a dance vibe! You look amazing in all of the photos so I can see why it’s such a hard choice! Each one has a different vibe to them!

    Liked by 1 person

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