the DL on the new year

okay saying “new year, new me!” is kind of overplayed; so I won’t say that.

what I will say is, “new year, new opportunity to believe in myself, to strive towards better and leave regrets behind.”



I’ve been dancing for now going on 9 years and I think this will be a great year worth of love and success for dance.

there’s been a lot of planning for Dance Life and even more on how I can provide the best “insider” information as possible.

what is Dance Life about really?

Dance Life is my journey to highlight the dancers, DJs and musical artists, as well as renowned congresses and festivals that I’ve been looking up to for the last 9 years. for the past few years I have been following my favorites on Facebook, Instagram and festivals from coast to coast. I’ve always wondered how’d they became great and what made them special. I’ve wished and dreamed to take their classes, see and meet them, as well as even dance with them!!

at festivals there’s always VIP to get close to these amazing artists. but let’s be real, VIP is most times out of my price range. and even more daunting, I can’t make every congress or festival either.

as an Insider, you’ll get the DL on finding the best deals at each event as well as get the scoop on all things dance including favorite artists, DJs, music & more. Get an insider’s look at the year’s best festivals so you can be VIP at the touch of your fingertips.

there’s a new crop of amazing Dance Life hitting the scene and I hope to get you the DL on each and every one of them.

much love.

Ashlei Elise



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